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Chai Sample Pack
Ku Cha Chai Variety Pack

Spring Chai
This chai is blended with cleansing flowers and herbs to help rejuvenate the body. The brew comes on flowery and minty, and follows with a satisfying array of spice flavors.

Summer Chai
Blended with strong cooling herbs, Summer Chai makes an exciting cold treat, and is refreshing and revitalizing even when brewed hot.

Autumn Chai
As leaves turn yellow and pumpkins turn red, let's celebrate the fall with this special seasonal Chai. Warm, spicy, and sweet. Try it with a bite of your favorite pumpkin pie!

Winter Chai
Rich, warming, and with a little kick, Winter Chai will knock your winter socks right off! This spicy, flavorful tea blends well with milk and sugar for a traditional Chai experience.

Green Chai
This Chai is blended using green tea instead of the traditional black tea. It is very smooth and creamy, not overpowered by its delightful spiciness.

Rooibos Chai (Caffeine Free)
A special house blend of traditional Indian spices with earthy, sweet rooibos. This blend holds up well with milk and sugar, for those wanting an authentic Indian dessert drink.