Classic Oolong Tea Set
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Classic Oolong Tea Set
Oolong means "Black Dragon" in Mandarin Chinese. Semi-oxidized tea, Oolong teas originate in in Fujian Province, southeast China. Oolong teas are fragrant, rich in flavor, with amazing varieties and abundant health benefits such as aiding digestion, promoting weight loss, improving skin complexation, bone and tooth strengthening, etc. In this gift box we include 6 of premium single-origin Oolong teas, each with its own unique character, for a truly exquisite Oolong experience.

What is in it: 6 bags of premium Oolong teas; 1 perfect hand-made bamboo tea scoop; 1 beautiful Chinese ceramic tea set.

Tie Guan Yin Superior (3.5 oz): Tie Guan Yin, or "Iron Goddess of Mercy", is a famous green oolong from Anxi, Fujian Province, China. This tea has a signature sweet and floral fragrance, a bright taste, and a smooth finish.

Oriental Beauty (2 oz): Also known as Champaign Oolong, this famous tea comes from Xinzhu, Taiwan. The leaves of the tea plants were nibbled by insects, and instead of ruining the tea, it enhances the flavor. The result is a tea with a smooth and sweet flavor, and a unique aroma of ripe peaches and honey.

Silk Oolong (3.5 oz): Silk oolong, also known as Jin Xuan or "Golden Lily", is a variety of oolong that was developed in Taiwan in the 1980s. The tea was named after the grandmother of Dr. Wu Zhenduo, the inventor of this tea. The leaves are oval-shaped and have the classic creaminess of high mountain oolongs, with a slight trace of milky fragrance.

Dan Cong Honey Orchid (2 oz): Dan Cong means "Single Grove", which denotes a special process in which each grove of trees is harvested and processed individually. Each grove produces a unique type of fragrant leaf, in this case an orchid aroma with notes of wild honey and ripe apricot. An original tea from Phoenix Mountain, GuangDong Province, China.

Rock Oolong - Da Hong Pao (2 oz): Da Hong Pao, or "Big Red Robe" in Chinese, is the most famous Rock Oolong tea from Wu Yi Mountain, Fujian Province, China. Records of this legendary tea date as far back as the early 18th century. This tea is famous for its strong fragrance, rich, roasted taste followed by a pleasant, lingering sweetness.

Blue Spring (3.5 oz): A unique Oolong tightly rolled into pellets and coated with licorice powder. The rich, sweet aftertaste will soothe a sore throat and promote a focused mental energy. (Oolong Tea, Licorice Powder)
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