Jin Hua Dark Tea
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Jin Hua Dark Tea
Jin Hua, meaning Golden Flowers in Chinese, refers to a particular healthy bacteria which gives the tea its unique, mushroom flavor and its many health benefits, such as soothing stomach discomfort and helping with weight loss. The official name of the bacteria is Eurotium Cristatum, and it appears as tiny light golden flakes in the compressed tea. The tea itself is mild but has dominating mushroom aroma. This is a great tea to drink after a hearty meal of delicious Chinese food.

An Hua County, Hunnan Province, China

Dry Leaves:
dark, tightly compressed leaves with golden flakes

3.5 oz
We recommend to use a gai wan, using 7g of tea per serving. Rinse it once with boiling water--just add the water to the tea and wait 30 seconds before pouring it off. After that, the tea is ready to brew. The initial seven steeps will be very quick (about 5-10 seconds). You can increase the steeping time as you go. This tea lasts for about 12-15 steeps.

If using a tea pot, use about 5 g for 8 oz of water. You will want to wash the tea as instructed above, but since you are using more water, steep the tea a little longer (about one minute). You can steep several times, increasing time with each infusion.
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