Lapacho (Wildharvested)
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Lapacho (Wildharvested)
Lapacho (sometimes called Pau darco) is made from the inner bark of the tree and is used as an herbal medicine among South and Central American indigenous peoples. Though it more research is being conducted, it seems to have several amazing medicinal properties. It is antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal, and is used topically to treat minor skin ailments. It makes for a great detox tea. Research is also being done on its positive effect on cancer and HIV.*

*These statements are not supported by the FDA. This product should not be used to cure any disease.
Brewing guidance:
2 tsp
8 to 10 oz water
212 F (boiling)
5+ minutes

As a bark, it takes time to release all of the powerful nutrients. Steep for a while to receive the full benefits!
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