Rock Oolong Tea Gift Set
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Rock Oolong Tea Gift Set
Rock Oolong is a special category of Oolong tea produced in the Wu Yi Mountain, Northern FuJian Province, China. Rock Oolong teas grow from withered rock soil and nurtured by mountain springs and a misty high-mountain climate, which gift these teas with their unique characteristics of Huo (vibrant), Gan (Sweet), Qing (Pure), Xiang (Fragrant), and Yan Gu ("Rock bone" or desirable depth of flavors). Rock Oolong teas are treasured by tea connoisseurs from ancient China to today's worldly tea appreciators.

What is in it: 3 bags of famous Rock Oolong teas and 3 individually packed special Rock Oolongs from Zheng Yan, or center rock area of Wu Yi Mountain; 1 perfect hand-made bamboo tea scoop; 1 beautiful Chinese ceramic tea set.

Rock Oolong – Da Hong Pao (2 oz): Da Hong Pao, or "Big Red Robe" in Chinese, is the most famous Rock Oolong tea from Wu Yi Mountain, Fujian Province, China. Records of this legendary tea date as far back as the early 18th century. This tea is famous for its strong fragrance, rich, roasted taste followed by a pleasant, lingering sweetness.

Rock Oolong – Rou Gui (2 oz): This Rock Oolong tea grows in the famous Wuyi Mountain from Northern Fujian Province, China. Rou Gui, or "Cinnamon", brews a burnt amber liquor, and tastes heavily of cinnamon spice. The taste is complemented by a nice gravely texture. This is a richer and darker Rock Oolong.

Rock Oolong – Shui Xian (2 oz): Shui Xian is one of the signature Rock Oolong teas from Wu Yi Mountain in Fujian Province, China. Meaning "water spirit" in Chinese, Shui Xian tastes balanced, rich, clean, with a lingering sweetness with light hints of river moss.

Zheng Yan - Da Hong Pao: This rare Da Hong Pao comes from Zheng Yan, the innermost growing area within the Wu Yi Mountains, where the trees grow on the withered rock soil, making it the most ideal growing condition for Rock Oolong teas. This tea brews rich and sweet, with a strong "Hua Xiang Ya Yun" or "Flowery Fragrance Rocky Sensation".

Zheng Yan - Yan Ru: Yan Ru, or "Rock Milk", is produced in very small quantities and is rarely found on the tea market. Because it has undergone a lighter roasting process than most Yan Cha, Yan Ru is more comparable to lightly oxidized green oolongs. Like the name suggests, the character of the brew is smooth and silky. The taste of the tea is well-structured, with layered flavors of orchid, milk and gravel, finishing with gentle but lasting flowery fragrance.

Zheng Yan – Tie Luo Han: Tie Luo Han, or 'Iron Arhat' is one of the most famous varieties of Yan Cha. Coming from Gui Dong (the Ghost Cave) in the Wu Yi Mountains, this unique tea is very heavily roasted (three times with 8 – 10 hours each time), producing the darkest and richest flavor of our Yan Cha selection. Tie Luo Han has a strong fragrance of burning juniper incense, conjuring images of the temples in which the arhats found their liberation.
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